Taking up where I left off….

November 16, 2013

I have just realised that I haven’t written on this page since February!

Mind you it’s been one horrible year with bad health dogging me every step of the way culminating in a major op which went wrong. I’m better now though and we are of course well into the Christmas season. I have new fabrics for the girls and all the same designs you are used to.

As my health is still a bit fragile, I’m not doing as many shows as I would normally, so you will have to look for me locally at some of the fairs.

I shall be at Boddington Village Hall next Sunday 10 till 2 and Milton Malsor Saturday all day.

Into December I am doing one fair in Brackley, The Christmas Market on the 7th in the Town Hall and I’m going all the way up to Belper in Derbyshire to attend my friend Debbie’s fair at No 28 on the 15th. If I have any stock left I shall try to get to the last fair at the Brackley town Hall on the 21st ( I feel this is a bit late but you never know it might work. ) And that’s it.

If you don’t catch me you can always e mail me at sue@pastmastery.com with any requests. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

If I see you..that will be nice…if not Have a Very Merry Christmas!IMG_2887


Form an Orderly Queue there……

February 21, 2013

The first local showof 2013  is upon us. Brackley Town Hall on Saturday 23rd ( already the twenty third ) of February 2013. Nine till one.

I’ll have my new things…Heartfelt…

which includes the Medlar House Mice

and dear old Whimsicals in some new fabrics.

I’m also going ( for the first time ever ) to sell off some of my Christmas 2012 figures. They are old stock but perfectly good…..so that I can make way for others throughout the year. Collectors of Christmas Whimsicals….. form an orderly queue!

And here are some of the new fabrics.

Dearie me….it’s been so cold, the girls are having to huddle together for warmth. 🙂IMG_5833

A Wake Up Call!

January 8, 2013

I normally take a break from Whimsicals until Easter  and then I only do one show in Kenilworth, but I have been asked to another show in March.

This means that I will be making some more fairies and sprites, little garden girls and petal fairies especially for this show.

I might have a go at something entirely new too.

Watch out here for what I come up with.

Meanwhile…..here is something scrumptious I came across the other day. This lady too, will be at the show I’m going to in March.



https://www.facebook.com/groups/295164057261255/  for those on Facebook

and http://quirkyhandmadeandvintage.co.uk/ for the web.

See you there!

Winding Down

December 7, 2012

And so… the girls and I will be attending our last two shows of the year. To celebrate this fact, we are offering ourselves (Whimsicals – not me ) at a reduced price. SAVE ONE POUND on every Whimsicals scented decoration. The girls didn’t want to find themselves having to be wrapped up in an airtight box and stored away for next year, here at home. They would rather be bought and go off to someone’s house to adorn their Christmas Tree.


So come to Kenilworth tomorrow or Brackley Town Hall on the 15th and see what’s on offer.

You know you won’t be disappointed.


and all the little WHIMSICALS!


A Weekend of Work

November 14, 2012

The girls and I shall be at Milton Malsor village hall, near Towcester this weekend, the 17th November. And not just the girls, my perfumed Whimsicals….all decked out for Christmas. We shall have paper items there too. Little paper hearts to adorn your Christmas tree and light up houses to adorn your mantel shelf. Why not have your house built in paper to light up with battery tea lights – very Christmassy?

Scattered amongst the Whimsicals will be Gather Ye Rosebuds ( one of my other blog’s ) silk roses of all kinds and hues – to decorate your tree, for your hair or handbag or to wear on your lapel. It’s all very pretty and colourful.

A light up paper shop, a few Whimsicals and a pretty silk rose….or two

And we shall repeat it all the day after, Sunday 18th, when we go to Rugby.

I do hope you can join us.

The girls and I will be waiting……

Quick as a Flash!

November 5, 2012

This week sees the start of my Christmas fairs proper.

The first is at Charlton Village Hall on Thursday evening 8th Nov. from 7 till 10 and the second is at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Kenilworth on Saturday 10th Nov. from 11 till 4.

And quick as a flash my friend Sarah has come up with some little candy canes for me to decorate the latest Whimsicals. So that is what I’ve been busy doing this evening. Caning my sprites! 😉

My new materials have been transformed into little angles, fairies and sprites.

Do you know the difference?

An angel always has a halo.

A fairy always has a wand.

A mixture of fairies, angels and sprites.

And a sprite will be anything else that has wings.

Simple really.

Hope to see you this week.

Let Loose!

November 1, 2012

Yesterday was my first trip out alone, after my operation. I was allowed to drive for the first time in 6 weeks.

Of course the first place I had to visit was the patchwork shop in Buckingham, The Nimble Thimble. It’s a bit misleading to call it just a patchwork shop. It sells Everything to do with sewing.

And they have the most amazing array of lovely Christmas fabrics for the likes of me to feast our eyes on.

I came home with four new fabrics for this year ( I really could have bought many more ) – I was restrained because I have had to cut down on the number of shows I am doing this year because I feel that I might not manage the pace I usually set myself. So less Whimsicals to make.

I am also waiting for some candy canes courtesy of my friend Sarah Scales of Minidreamz ( she can be found on Facebook ). Every year she comes up trumps with her tiny hand made red and white canes. I think they will look superb with some of my new fabrics.

Top- bauble  and star fabric
Mistletoe and Holly
Red spot
Christmas Rose and Holly


Now, off I go to make some up.

Stripes last year…spots this….?


Déjà vu?

October 16, 2012

So I have been given the ALL CLEAR from the hospital. This means that I am well on the mend and free from the spectre of cancer.
Perhaps I might feel like getting some of my crafting things out again and and making some Whimsicals. Christmas has come up so fast this year.

This time of year, I normally go to my favourite shop and look through the fabrics I feel I might use for Christmas. I’m not allowed to drive yet so this year, sadly I’ll have to be content with those I bought last year and bits I have left. I shan’t be doing quite as many shows as normal so that’s fine, I think.

I AM going to be at NAPTON VILLAGE HALL this coming Sunday 21st October 2012. Stephen my husband will fetch and carry and I’ll have help in the from of my best friend Val who knows my products like the back of her hand.

It will be fun since I haven’t really been out for over a month. A craft show is JUST what I need to perk up the spirits.

Talking of spirits…I’ll not be doing any witches or spooky girls this year…too short a selling season for me but I WILL have lots of lovely Christmas themed perfumed figures for you to look at. There will also be paper boxes, wreaths  and houses from BoxCleva one of my other little products and some very pretty things from Gather Ye Rosebuds, my flowery blog. Do join us if you can.

Some figures I made last year

Déjà vu ?

Soon, Soon.

October 6, 2012

It will be Christmas before we know it.

Sadly this year I’m not able to take advantage of all the many shows I would normally do up to December as I have just had a complete hysterectomy and am not allowed to do a lot of things. Like stand at shows, sit making Whimsicals for hours on end or drive to show locations.

Six to eight weeks and maybe I can drive again. But lifting is forbidden. So I’ve drafted in the husband and a good friend to help me. I’ll do shows at the very end of October and on into November but I’ll still have to be careful. I cannot have a whole Whimsical selling season without a show, which is the other option…not to do anything at all.

Oh no, nonny no.

I enjoy it far too much and it’s part of the fun of Christmas to me. Besides where else would I get those unusual and unique Christmas presents for my Brother or my best friend?:)

So watch out here and I’ll tell you where I shall be.

It would be nice to see you.



September 20, 2012

I am going into hospital for a major op. SO I may not be around for a while.

This of course, is the run up to my busiest season with Christmas Whimsicals and I suppose I couldn’t have timed it better if I had tried! 😦

Never mind…I have kind and generous friends who might man a stand or two for me early in the season and as long as I don’t bend, stretch or lift, I might be able to manage the later shows.

One good thing…I shall be housebound and bored. This means I shall have plenty of time to play and craft and you never know what sort of Whimsical I’ll come up with!

See you soon.